Why Developers Choose CertiHome

The industry leader in third-party safety & security certification.  We set the safety & security standard in new home developments.

CertiHome adds value to new home developments by providing buyers with the upmost in safety and security and providing developers with the marketing differentiation needed to edge out competitors.

Here’s how CertiHome benefits developers:

  1. Superior Safety & Security. Provides buyers with industry leading safety & security certification and proprietary insurance.
  2. Exceptional ROI. Maximize price point of units well beyond the costs of safety & security features, and certification and insurance.
  3. Expedited Delivery. Expedites the conveyance of units to purchasers with homeowners insurance already in place.
  4. Verifiable Certification. Showcases property on the CertiHome website where the certification can be verified for authenticity.
  5. Market Differentiation. Market the property’s certification in conjunction with own marketing efforts, differentiating the property from non-certified properties.
  6. Co-operative Marketing Funds. Leverage the CertiHome Co-operative Marketing Initiative through a marketing partnership with CertiHome.
  7. Exclusive Safety Claims. Positions the development as the residential leader in safety & security, and amongst the safest and most secure in North America.

CertiHome affords new home developers a comprehensive safety & security certification, delivering an exceptional level of safety and security, and an unmatched marketing opportunity.