Why Choose CertiHome?

The industry leader in third-party safety & security certification.  We set the safety & security standard in new home developments.

CertiHome provides the real estate industry with a much needed, third-party certification for safety and security. Since real estate developers, builders, and marketers are too closely tied to the project to conduct an independent certification, CertiHome stepped in to set the new safety standard.

Our Safety & Security Certification has been validated by some of the largest, and most prominent insurance underwriters in the world – indicated by their substantial discounting of home insurance rates on CertiHome certified homes.

Our new safety standard delivers an unprecedented level of safety & security for developers of new condominium construction, and buyers now recognize the CertiHome certification as the new standard.

CertiHome has assembled an experienced management team with a proven track record of building highly successful companies across various industries. Our team has decades of life safety, security and building experience, and have applied their expertise to creating the industry-leading certification program that leaves nothing to chance.

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CertiHome is a sub-brand of CertiStay, a third-party safety & security certification for the short-term rental properties.

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