Why Buyers Choose CertiHome

The industry leader in third-party safety & security certification.  We set the safety & security standard in new home developments.

CertiHome provides residential buyers with the upmost confidence in safety and security, allowing them to sleep well, and enjoy peaceful living in a CertiHome certified home.

Our independent safety & security certification is the new safety standard, created to benefit of buyers of new home developments.

Here’s how CertiHome benefits buyers:

  1. Advanced Protection. We have created a proprietary configuration of safety & security devices which will enhance the overall effect of devices beyond their independent function.
  2. Discounted Home Insurance. The CertiHome certification has been validated by some of the largest insurance underwriters in the world through substantial discounting of homeowner’s insurance rates.
  3. Peace of Mind. All CertiHome certified residential homes have been through a comprehensive safety and security analysis to ensure the highest level of protection.

CertiHome is setting the safety & security standard in new home developments. Our certification process includes, but is not limited to, features such as:

  • Smart Valves. Including wireless moisture sensors to mitigate flood damage.
  • Advanced Detection. Remote monitoring and superior positioning of advanced design smoke and CO detectors.
  • Dual Sensory Alarms. Visual alarms working in tandem with audio alarms for elderly or hearing-impaired residents.
  • Over-height Alarms. Provides protection of potential danger areas for children (banisters and railings on balconies).
  • Safety Cameras. Peephole camera solutions.
  • Valuables & Document Protection. Built-in home safes.
  • Disaster Preparation Kits. First Aid and earthquake preparedness kits.